Dining out

Places to go out and eat in SF. My reviews for all of these on my Yelp page.



to try:

MaMa Ji’s: Dim Sum Restaurant (Bernal Parent’s list suggestion) (Yelp)

Spoon Rocket – fast, easy food. Yum!

Coco’s Ramen

Angkor Borei – Cambodian cuisine, but with veggie options.

Near our place:

Arizmendi – great for pizza. Closed Tuesdays

Pad Thai Restaurant

Taqueria Cancun – solid burritos. Closed Tuesdays, but another option is Mission & 29th

Udupi Palace – South Indian

Zante’s (Yelp page) – We usually order a “Zante’s specialty pizza” (Indian), half veggie, half meat, along with a mango lassi.

Cafe Ethiopea – tasty Ethiopian

Ken Ken Ramen – great ramen place. Get in there at 6pm with the rest of the families and no wait.

Holy Kitchen

Big Mouth Burgers

Phat Philly

Ristorante Bacco – Not your everyday meal out, but still quite warm and fun.

Burma Love – sister to Burma Super Star. Great stuff, but a bit expensive. In the Mission, though!

Small trip

Burma Super Star (Burmese)

Citrus Club (thai)

Katana-ya (Japanese noodles) – Not great for groups, but a favorite before we had Ella.

King of Noodles (Chinese noodles) – Handmade Chinese noodles. Seems like run by family, absolutely adored Ella’s voracious eating habit.

Red Crawfish (Vietname / Southern fusion)

Ramen Izakaya Goku (Japanese noodles)

Holy Kitchen (Indian) – OK the first time, need to go back.

Near GG Park, family friendly

Zona Rosa’s – burritos

Citrus Club – asian soups

Palmyra – Fast service, good hummus and shwarma

Nopalito – Mexican

4505 Meats for burgers, BBQ (Divis and Grove)

Little Star for deep dish pizza (Divis between Fulton and McAllister)


Rhea’s (menu)