How to Make Chocolate From Scratch

How to Make Chocolate From Scratch –
Kinds of cacao beans: Criollo: The original cacao beans discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502. These beans are grown in South America and are considered a top bean for producing truly fine chocolates. Criollo beans are extremely aromatic and have low acid levels. Forastero: Accounting for about 90 percent of the world’s cacao production, these beans come from the Amazon. They have a weaker aroma than the Criollo and a bitter taste prior to processing. If processed correctly they can yield a lovely chocolate. Trinitario: This hybrid bean is grown in several areas of South America and a variety of Caribbean islands. They are less commonly used for making chocolate. Nacional: This bean, a member of the Forastero family, is the most widely cultivated cocoa bean west of the Andes mountains. It is the least well-known of cacao varieties and isn’t as widely used in making chocolate.